Hello! Let's get Wednesday started with a fun DIY. Stained glass is gorgeous and adds a yesteryear feel to any room. Glasswork is an art form that is not as prevalent these days, but is arguably more beautiful because of it. The new Netflix show, Blown Away, reminded me of the complexity of glass art. Those little ornaments or vases your grandma collects actually take a lot of hard work to make and are created with care by talented artists. Check out the show if you want to see how glass blowing is done! (Do not try that at home).

While glass blowing is very different than making stained glass, I thought we could try it! Stained glass is something a little more on this blog's DIY level. (Anything with fire is out of the picture, sorry). 

There are a few ways to make stained glass at home, so you can try the one that looks the most fun or challenging for you. Let's get started! 

General How-To

 wikiHow walks through how to make stained glass art in their 3 part, 16 step process. It sounds like a lot, but they have a lot of helpful tips for the preparation of the glass, how to put it together, and all the mistakes to avoid. If you're serious about trying to make your own stained glass, this is the place to go. This project requires more technical tools like a glass cutter, a grinder, and expensive glass sheets. We'll focus more on the stained glass that is easier to make, but here is the link for this step-by-step guide.   

HGTV also has a really great tutorial for making stained glass. You can find that here

"Faux" Stained Glass

Though this isn't "real" stained glass, it looks just like it and is so much easier to make! Instead of staining glass, this DIY uses glass paint/glue. The paint dries to create a glass-like look. Though there are a few things required to make this, it's far fewer than the tools need for actual stained glass. What you'll need is a metal frame, colored glass paint, lead adhesive strips, a paper backdrop, scissors, a marker, and a ruler.  

Basically, you make your pattern in the frame and fill in the design with the glass paint. Wait for it to dry and you're ready to place over you window. There are a few more steps and tips on how to make the finished product look its best. Click here for the full tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.