We've made it through another week! As the new school year is closing in, we decided to make the most of summer and invite everyone to CPM's new office today at 615 S Wright for a FREE Insomnia Cookie! Come in, grab a cookie and learn about our deals for the coming semester. Along with the freshly baked cookies, we have gourmet coffee available in our lobby.

We'd love for you to stop by! 

Alright, cookies aside, we still have a great video to share with you this week! The Internet is saturated with cute puppy and kitten videos, (we're not complaining) but we rarely see smaller pets get the spotlight they deserve. With giant chubby cheeks, teeny-tiny hands, and a waddle that would make any heart melt, hamsters need to be appreciated. Here is a video of an adorable hamster eating a tiny cookie. Okay, maybe cookies are still on our minds...